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I’m drunk…and I know most people will say, “You start talking way too much when you are drunk”…some will say you lose your conscience after you are drunk…I know I am finding it so difficult to type this all but…I wanted to jot down what I’m feeling..you lose yourself…what if I say your unconscious takes over…and the true you comes out…I know I may sound a little hysterical…but no problems I’m hysterical right now…this is something beyond the scope of my thoughts…so I was telling what happens when your unconscious mind takes over the conscious one…making you feel what all you actually are thinking throughout the day…fooling the world around you trying to be something what you are not…quite possible many of you who are reading this may have gone through the same phase…but today right at this moment I witnessed the the two…the two types of you…one who says you should love the life..no matter what the circumstances are…and the one who cares about every person you may have never met…the fact is who is more dominant…in my case I’ve always tried to defeat the latter one…and I think the same for most of the people..may be because I’m like this…one of my friend who is equally inebriated at this moment (pRANAV hUNDOO)says listen to one who asks you to live life as he is true you…and smyhing inside me says…bloody drunkard..lol!!!

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